Wednesday 11/30/2022 11:15:00 PM

 time came and went. a ghost in the bedroom of strangers. we wore our paths in each other. more fools than thieves. 

everything went sharp. tomorrow collapsed. we stood under its tattered roof counting our assassins. our plastic limbs too rigid to extricate us from  this foul flesh. 

 i told him my name. pretending he had heard it. i gave him my body imagining that would be enough. 

the miles tore away my layers until only the center stone remained. it sunk to the bottom. and took me with it. 

we're candy on our lover's tongue. dissolving into each other. 

the end's engine hummed. atrociously arrogant. everything before it a perfect manipulation. 

we lifted the lid. all the rats escaped. 

we stared at our empty mazes. as the walls caved in. 

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