Monday 12/12/2022 10:59:00 PM

 the usual creases made their tears in the map. the particular debts of touch accumulating. 

the wages of flesh insufficient. 

the years collected their masks. so many angry faces. 

the silence sipped its tea. the kettle still hot. as we discarded our dirty cups. 

we were overcome by the elegance of our grief. 

plastic fingers melted by the sun. 

the corners went soft. dented edges against an empty box. what was inside it long since forgotten. 

the paper made its cuts. as the words gave their slow confession. 

it collapsed before i could stop it. 

time swallowed my breadcrumbs. i didn't want to go back. 

forever came and went. still it remained.

a knot in my memory. too tight to be undone. 

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