Tuesday 3/02/2021 11:34:00 PM

 we continue to run. even as the miles betray us. 

all of our fickle endings. all of our manic starts. tangled up in the choices of others. 

the weighted silence. the deepening distance. the indifferent severity of time's pendulum. continuously calculating this increasing deficit. 

flesh is a thief. it takes what it wants. 

life erupts. bone through meat. like so many stilted orgasms. 

choices arguing with blood. gravity clutches the cliff. 

hope smolders. a burnt matchstick. all sulfur and ash. as the darkness surges. stealing the last of our breadcrumbs. as we search for the cure in this lingering disease. 

Saturday 2/27/2021 11:48:00 PM

time is a weapon. full of sharp edges. the more we press against it the deeper it cuts. 

the buttons open. we're exposed. we scramble for the colors, but the gray is all that's left. 

the body has its metrics. that time comes to collect. we're fooled by the corners. even as we turn them, there's still no exit. 

we chew on the lies. as the truth leaves us famished. 

a paradox of causality. as our intentions unravel. 

everything is small. except the distance. as we tear at the maps that leave us lost. 

we lose our grip on our grief .everything falls. and all our choices shatter. 

Friday 2/26/2021 11:33:00 PM

Our cages become us..The sober of skin. The panic of pleasure. As we tabulate profit and loss. All the roads less travelled. All the broken arithmetic. of bone and flesh. past and present. 

a template of how.drowning in an ocean of if. chasing the creases in the paper. trusting the folds. 

we died so long ago. but the ghosts linger. 

on an empty stage. in a fading light. death forgets us, but we remember it. a cruel mistress. an adamant poison that refuses to kill. 

the blade sharpens. tomorrow wets its lips. We're burdened by the strict dimensions of grief

thieves without clothes. naked in the decaying epiphany of what life once was. 

Thursday 2/25/2021 11:19:00 PM

 the end approaches. in heavy boots and tattered mittens. it's a timid beast. but a predator still the same. 

the past flickers. fluorescent and lingering. arrogant and unreliable. a rotting carcass long since picked of all its meat. 

we're chased by our hunger. creatures of want. victims of our own hypocrisy. we lean into the cold. only to find it goes much deeper. 

we try to press pause, but the end has no stop. 

gathering the shards of our broken mirrors. ignoring the blood.

we scream at the colors. as the sky collapses.

the monsters within us uglier than they've ever been. 

Wednesday 2/24/2021 11:03:00 PM

Our cages come and go. Some are fleeting. Others linger. 

Life is a liquid and a solid. It freezes. It melts. It drowns and it quenches. It builds and it crushes. 

We dance. To imaginary music. We run in circles. Insects in a panic. Unwilling to accept that we're meaningless. 

The pedestal collapses. Our arrogance undoes us. The simple mind. The complex heart. An impossible reconciliation. 

There's the lever under our oblivion. That we're constantly trying to manipulate. 

The cage is soft sometimes. We lean into its layers. Burying ourselves in the sharp claws of delusion. 

We're animals. Primates. Poisoned by the sting of evolution. 

Monday 2/15/2021 11:05:00 PM

 the darkness works like an engine. propelling us forward though we're unwilling. the darkness stains us. bleeding irrevocably into our skin. 

it can't be washed away. it can't be cleansed. 

we're actors in a play written by strangers. we've forgotten all our lines. and the curtain has risen. 

we love because we must. doesn't matter if it makes a difference. 

the voices scatter. the promises expire. pain our only tether in the deepening abyss. 

there are no names. no faces. just the strangle of time. as the truth wakes us up. 

we stab at the winter. as the cold overcomes us. 

still, we're the only ones who bleed. 

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