Tuesday 5/24/2022 11:23:00 PM

these plastic skeletons break against the force of our momentum. the tumble of how against gravity's indifference. 

time was our wager. we bet it all. a compilation of our little fictions. all sharp teeth and broken claws. debts of pain we'd been accumulating for years. finally collecting. 

choice was our fragile edge. as the bottom opened its jaws. we were ready to be swallowed. to let it choke on our remains. 

these paper skins tear against the friction of our touch. we're small pebbles of candy. sweet and sour as we dissolve. ripe with all the fickle poisons that compel us to live. 

hope is our enemy as we navigate the inferno of want.

we take each other in like needles.

only to find the cure is treason. 

Wednesday 5/18/2022 11:16:00 PM

Distance Over Time
Part Eleven

The void erupts. I'm betrayed by my calculations. Worn too tightly by these lingering bonds.

I crawl back inside my machine.

More refugee than traveler. the years stiffen as my weight presses on their corners.

It's destroyed all my maps. It's demolished all my clocks. I'm someplace. I'm someone. Counting the steps to where I was. Chasing a decaying portrait that scarcely resembles the faces I've discarded.
Time spends us. in little lies. that devour our truth. Touch is our only anchor against the encroaching void.
Our machines move us against the yearnings of our flesh.

We’re nickels and dimes in its fickle thoughts. we're the choices that overcome once the knots are cinched too tight.

How far. How close. It's the distance that decides who we are. when there are no words left to spoil. when hours have all gone sour. time still carves its mazes. and we fumble for the exit. blind mice running up broken clocks.

I run. Deafened by the thunder of my footsteps. Shuffling the years like loose pages. Letting the words consent. as our monsters begin to chew on the edges.

We linger inside this capsule. Going nowhere. Content to watch the world collapse.

We’re not supposed to see the structure. We’re not meant to know the reasons. We’re too weak to reconcile the enormity of our insignificance. .
But inside this box everything is all too clear.

The distance calls me by name. That person is gone. Consumed by change.

Time strikes its match. setting everything on fire. For a moment we burn brightly. And then it's dark.

Sunday 5/15/2022 11:27:00 PM

 time came into focus. an ugly parable sifting through our skin. we wore the distance in empty pockets and lingering threads. too small to see where we were going. too scared to look at where we'd been. 

the wolves chased us by the scent of our wounds. the thieves only waited for us to leave a window open. and the monsters. they were always there inside us. 

tomorrow solved these broken hearts. in fists and screams. 

we raged against the parameters of this overwhelming paradox. that every touch was a treason. 

the distance softly accumulated. we counted every stumble as the truth discarded our breadcrumbs. 

we were lost.

and that is where we found each other. 

Friday 5/13/2022 11:46:00 PM

 where we are is where we were. have always been. this stubborn skin continues to resolve to the stalled junctures within our grief. 

the brush teases its colors. as time whispers under its breath. telling its broken tales in the creases that accumulate in our flesh. 

we are numbers. solved by our own stipulations. remainder mitigated. 

i struck the horizon with a dull blade. still it bled. 

i wrapped my bandages around the wound. still it failed to heal. 

time runs loose. as our leashes give chase.

we're cardboard. left out in the rain. destroyed by circumstance. 

blood chases the symptoms. trust ignores the cause.

while our bodies search for a cure. 

Saturday 5/07/2022 11:09:00 PM

 the colors trembled. sharp stones on loose chains. our skin listened quietly. as we said nothing. 

we gathered the hours. like frightened soldiers. as our wars came to resent us. 

these bodies full of fickle gods and crippled strangers. 

the doorways write their poems. the windows draw their pictures. 

we pick each other. bruised fruit on sunken branches. 

we follow the map. swallowed by the creases. 

charmed by the harmless thieves. seduced by the assassins. 

the distance measures us. in fumbling conceits. 

we throw away all the words  that spent us. 

and embrace the deficit. 

time undresses. telling our lives in the transactions of our flesh. 

the years chew through our skin.

leaving us exposed. 

Thursday 5/05/2022 11:29:00 PM

 we choked on the sun. we swallowed the wind. our sinking trajectories like boulders under our skin. 

we lay in the soil. waiting for consent. from the circus of ghosts between every breath. 

i knew all the numbers by name. the liars and the thieves. i spent the years like melting candy. as the brittle intersections crumbled. and time devoured every path. 

we broke the branches from the trees. and left the fruit to rot. while the world swiftly forgot us. once virulent monsters gnawing on their dwindling constants. 

gravity carved its maps into our flesh. falling was all we could do. 

the years continued to turn. a collection of pages. all the stories we couldn't tell. 

failed by our words. defeated by our choices. the truth a poison always inside us. 

we touched the corners of our desire and chased our absent gods.

frantic as we pieced together the remaining fractions of our paradise. 

still sticky with expectation as the structure came undone. 

tomorrow arriving in empty cages. 

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