Monday 1/18/2021 11:20:00 PM

 tomorrow arrived in mangled puzzle pieces. nothing clearer than our mistakes. we threw our harness around our grief. pulling hard on all the wild horses we'd unleashed. 

everything shrinking as we managed the betrayal. missing razors and empty nooses. a suicide of choices. as the reins fell away. 

we reasoned with the needle. the potency and the prognosis. 

we slipped out of our empty gowns. determined the moment would remember us. 

chasing contrition with rusted scissors and soiled dresses. 

we could see the stars. how their light had come so far to reach us. 

we could see the footprints on the ground. how all our maps had been displaced.

we had nowhere in particular to be. 

suddenly, all that mattered was where we'd already been. 

1/04/2021 11:39:00 PM

 conditionals were speculated. a referendum of flesh in a campaign of blood. 

there were voices no one could hear. there were places no one had been. an autopsy of choices. a thousand cadavers of tomorrows. all of them murdered. 

we drowned in the yellow of why. we wept in the conceit of how. licking the dirty needles that panic had left behind. 

goading the wolf. as our straw house began to tremble. counting all the bricks we'd yet to use. 

it was only time we needed. that silken curtain between then and now. 

we feasted on our growing hunger. 

we sipped as the flood overtook. never having learned how to swim. 

Thursday 12/31/2020 11:34:00 PM

 we stumble up our temporary staircases. searching for treasure in empty attics. we count the hours as the world resets. still, nothing changes. 

the ugly in the world is ours to embrace. time lays its soiled bandages across our wounds. and hope inevitably infects us. 

the monsters weep. there is nothing left for us to fear. 

we chew on the words. drowning in our own skins. we chase the current. as an ocean of choices drown us. 

the stones we throw break the surface. but still sink to the bottom nevertheless. 

we build ladders. but we can't climb them fast enough. 

Tuesday 12/29/2020 12:05:00 AM

 the colors chase us. time's precision spoils us. for all the truths we've missed. 

winter invades. quiet, yet profound. 

it's colder than it's ever been. 

i counted the colors. i chased the sun. as flesh abandoned its bridges. and the flood overtook us. 

she danced in her stale dress. to music no one else could hear. she laughed from her shallow pulpit. while the structure of the world collapsed.

it's not the precision that wrongs us. it's not the quantity that we grieve. we're monsters without claws. we're predators with broken fangs. 

posturing for the hunt. 

it's a tumble down a steep hill. it's a raindrop in a torrent. we'll always be lost. it's only ever been about what we find in there. 

Thursday 12/24/2020 10:58:00 PM

we met the wind with a fractured smile. wearing our panic in velvet robes. the axis was stiff as our world came undone. gravity raged as we continued to drown. 

the math decays. our prisons grow from beneath us. flesh suffocates. our joy is a chemical illusion. our skeletons quiver in their inadequate cloaks. the truth ferocious as it hunts us down.

ice collects on closed windows. choice leaves its reflections in the glass. the world outside them frozen. but it's still much colder within. 

we listen for whispers of when. we claw at the ties that burden us. 

as we stumble toward our only possible paradise.

the end. 

Monday 12/21/2020 11:32:00 PM

 we arrived in the collapse of our everything. we sunk into our defeat like a swift demolition. giving away all the choices we could no longer keep. 

the beginning danced. in its flowing dress. to the music only we could hear.

the end arrived without warning. an uninvited guest at our waning party. 

time stuck its needles into our skin. filling us with its euphoric poison. we died so many times. and each time that we did was better than the last.

we dug so many graves that we lost track. 

still haunted. all these years later.  by all the ghosts that we created then. 

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