Saturday 10/23/2021 11:09:00 PM

 time was soft. choice was rigid. there were heights to climb. and windows to break. we fashioned our tools from what little materials catastrophe had left us. 

it was mostly silence. sometimes screams. unfinished long division. and fierce intersections.

we'd spent our remaining pennies on wishes that would never come true. we threw off our gowns and let the grief stain our skin. 

the fiction all too real as we danced in love's tattered shoes. 

we couldn't know. nor would we ever want to.

how similar heaven is to hell. 

Tuesday 10/19/2021 11:25:00 PM

 we were soft. like wet paper. we were ambivalent. like broken draw bridges. 

tallying our piglets. as the wolf came to confess. 

i wore the end in broken glass and empty bottles. 

i ran. high on grief and resentment. redeemed by the distance. 

the past simmering in my skin. empty promises rotting in my heart. 

we're thieves after all. stealing what we can from every touch. 

pretending to give. 

when to take is all we really want. 

Monday 10/18/2021 11:22:00 PM

 time wears us in pinches and folds. loose stitches that forget their knots. we're just loose fabric. empty clothes in need of some bones. 

we're ugly. we always have been. we don't try to hide it anymore. 

the fangs. the claws. the blood. they are the bulk 

the distance struggles to keep up. little needles attempting to mend growing holes. 

the void has its charms. the end has its reasons.

these bodies are electric. so we plug them in and wait for the spark. 

but that fire rarely listens. 

it simply takes what it wants. 

Friday 10/15/2021 11:04:00 PM

 choice came and went as the miles swallowed us. 

we were talking with our demons. debating the nature of happiness. and all the lies it tells us. 

steep ladders into dark places. trapdoors in paradise. 

flesh's memory is long, but seldom accurate. 

tying knots in lingering threads. pretending to know what they might mend. all the many tiny holes or the bigger ones. 

the difference almost seemed to matter. until it didn't. 

we pace on these leashes. assuming the rest of the world is just as small as ours is. 

skin fusses over the decimals. blood fidgets with the fractions. but the math doesn't care what we want. 

we borrow those moments of euphoria.

and we ache when it's time to give them back. 

Wednesday 10/13/2021 10:45:00 PM

 I imagined myself  falling. the tether of gravity weak at best. 

I saw the end in blunt numbers and random choices. everything once small growing much too large.

The names. the faces. the scents. a kaleidoscope of determining what is lost. and letting go of what's been taken. 

Nothing is ours after all. It's all borrowed. Slender threads and tiny needles. Chasing the fragile seams that connect us. In a world where nothing is permanent. 

we wear our circumstance in dirty trench coats and broken umbrellas.

searching for something we know we must have. though we don't know exactly what it is. 

toting our picnic baskets deep into the woods. 

undeterred by the wolves. 

Monday 10/11/2021 11:06:00 PM

 the truth came and went. a deflated balloon. the broken string still tied to our wrists. 

the purple folds. the yellow creases. a preponderance of edges as sober insists. 

the dog barks. the snake hisses. we carefully mend the seams on these tattered skeletons. as our prey coyly undresses. 

the bloated angles spend their geometry in spectacular deficits. the slender fortunes dole out their hollow mercies. as lost stabs at the remaining pieces. 

it's all a game we continue to play. though it can never be won. 

everything is small from this distance. 

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