Wednesday 1/26/2022 10:55:00 PM

 we listen to the maybe's whisper. we tell our stories in torn t-shirts and broken nooses. thieves in sheep's trousers. wolves in witch's gowns. our eyes much bigger than our appetites as the feast overtakes us. 

i've  never trusted the colors. the way that the light changes them. 

time ponders us. in bruises and confessions. a disease that cannot be cured. questions fall like raindrops. the answers strike like lightning.

the distance screams. broken and exhausted. a sickness that we can never outrun. 

we were never lost. we just had nowhere to go. 

little spiders surrounded by bigger ones. our fragile webs slowly coming undone. 

eventually we reach the edge. only to discover there is no exit. 

our fingers in the soil. our faces in the mud. 

the years bite down. all we can do is let them. 

the elevator stops. the door opens. and we're faced with ourselves once again. 

the paradox of choice is that it's always someone else that decides us. 

Tuesday 1/18/2022 11:16:00 PM

 we spoke our truth like razor blades. every word cutting deeper than the last. 

we drew our maps on time's fragile paper. fooled by the seldom of change. 

monsters content to rot in their cages.

the moon fell from the sky. the world fell out of its orbit. 

our skin only needles and scratches. 

the euphoria of high. the abyss of the crash. 

the minutes choking on our panic. 

the years spending us like prizes. 

the foul taste of how still coating my lips. 

as i take that last sip and shatter the glass.. 

Monday 1/10/2022 11:22:00 PM

 we simmer in the auction of our skin. stubborn knots in time's infinite leash. 

the blade of want swings. a thoughtless pendulum. cutting open everything in its arc. 

we're only paper dolls. left out in the rain.

we're only thieves with nothing left to steal. 

the fever comes and goes. as we linger in our diseases. 

the days confront us. in missing fractions. in swelling calamities. 

all the broken pistons that still drive  us. all the deflated carnivals that still wait for us to dance. 

our promises all peeled fruit turning brown. our bodies all rotted meat left uneaten. 

we carry our ladders to the holes in the ceiling. looking for what remains of our grief. 

we say it's over.

sometimes  we even believe it. 

Sunday 1/09/2022 11:06:00 PM

 the places find us long before we do them. tears in our maps lumbering through us. lost monsters with their claws removed. 

time makes its creases. skin folds and bends. truth dissolves like paper in the rain. 

the heart is a tyrant. at war with our happiness. 

flesh is its weapon. 

we feast on the preposterousness of each other. ugly gods in soiled gowns. we trace the outlines of ourselves. ignoring the hollow centers. 

always selling beginnings. even as ends are all that's left. 

still polishing our crowns even as our thrones are swept away. 

Friday 1/07/2022 11:38:00 PM

 the hours simmered. hot with envy and expectation. our words porcupines. our choices wolves. 

the minutes charm. the years deceive. stubborn magicians. searching their empty top hats. for missing rabbits. 

we measure time in cuts and bruises. we find our truth in spit and blood. animals  pulling
on leashes we've created. mice lost in the mazes of our own design. 

i taste the edge. the sour embrace of what almost was. i seal the envelope. with all the wrong words inside it. 

we carry the disease for years. eventually the poison escapes. 

the knots tighten. the choice is strangled. 

we remain. in the franchise of our ignorance. jaws open. eyes shut. wailing for an impossible world that we continue to imagine. 

our bent claws caked with blood. our quivering lips heavy with contrition. 

animals in the cloaks of gods. desperate to prove our relevance. 

Wednesday 1/05/2022 11:22:00 PM

 the winter calls us by name. we answer with a shrug. the cold touches us in places nothing else can. we stumble through the blizzard wearing nothing but our hurt. 

the light measures us in caveats. the weight of intention. 

we steal our skin from the pauses in our grief. we wear our faces like melting snow. 

the world ending with every breath. 

the cold comes. a hungry ghost. and we feed it. the cold does its math. and we are destroyed it. 

too small overcome it. too stubborn to surrender. 

the ice forms on our blades. 

we strike hard, but we draw no blood. 

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