Monday 1/30/2023 11:37:00 PM

 we listened quietly to time's remaining growls. the price of trust steadily rising. we stabbed. claws embedded in skin too shallow. narcissists swept away in the pandemonium of touch. 

the rabbit runs on crippled feet. as the hunt leads it back to its beginning. 

the distance grows impatient as we fuss over the numbers. 

fractions of tomorrow tell their stories in our bodies. 

paper left out in the rain.  

it was a tenuous consent. trust's dull blade poised to drag open all that dead flesh. 

we beat the world with our heavy hammers. we sold ourselves to the highest bidder. 

it was a lingering storm. to navigate love's fetid cartography. 

the distance told its tales. making us the villains. in stories we dared not tell. 

it was a glorious flood. bursting with everything that ought to undo us. 

we were ready to drown. 

but then came the sun. 

Sunday 1/22/2023 11:37:00 PM

 solvent conspirators wear their leaden cloaks. the numbers give us context. but the measure remainss unknown. 

we stumble through the mayhem of gravity. on crutches made of clay. all our monsters remain sober. while we lose sight of our heroes. 

textures of flesh ripple through rotting candy houses. a long series of diseases that we use to make us whole. 

tomorrow slips out of its gown to reveal the breadth of our grief. we look up from the bottom of that staircase. much too small to make that climb.  

we hold our breath as the ceiling collapses. more alive in that moment than in all the years that came before it. 

Thursday 1/19/2023 11:34:00 PM

the cold soil remembered where we'd trod. an ugly map of all the places we'd destroyed. 

the gentle wolves would wait to hunt. until after the sun would set. but the lambs. the lambs were vicious. 

we turned. every corner a new treason. we shouted. truths that hardly knew us. paper dolls dancing with scissors. 

the choices always found us. so many wishes drowned in that well. 

we were wrong when we assumed there must be something between the beginning and the end. 

time swallowed our parachutes. we jumped all the same. 

we stubbornly scattered our breadcrumbs. as if we could ever go back again.

Friday 1/13/2023 11:27:00 PM

 there was the intersection. the beguiling coax of going somewhere. the question in his throat. half chewed. eager to choke him. 

only time can know what might've been. 

there were the choices. the frenetic treble of expectation turning to cement under our skin. 

it was an easy suicide. 

a confetti of touch falling on empty graves. 

i watched as all our truths became lies. 

and i couldn't remember anymore. why it had once hurt so much.

1/06/2023 11:51:00 PM

 we spent our time on the fulcrum. though the lever mattered just as well. 

we spun on our toes. sticks in the wind. waiting for the storm to measure our incentives. 

worn by the edge. shallow trespassers. in a fairy tale of our own invention. 

our weight shifted. the engine stalled. 

where we were emptied its pockets. 

we negotiated the abyss. drawing our escape in stolen pencils. 

solving the void with soiled dresses. and the places that we left behind. 

Thursday 12/29/2022 11:40:00 PM

 heavy lanterns wear the darkness in jagged whispers. the puzzle turns our pieces. vague orphans chase the edges. spoiled by the body's greed. 

how young we must have been to wonder so long after what never was. 

the fever of want like lava under our skin.

we are ashes. incinerated. 

we scribble on tomorrow's flesh. maps that take us nowhere. 

we tug on our leashes. mongrels rotting in shrinking cages. 

we chew on love's carcass.

starving scavengers. gorging ourselves on someone else's prey. 

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