Monday 12/06/2021 11:10:00 PM

my time machine was idling as i stepped into the moment. my monsters were napping as i tucked their claws under my skin. 

growing strong on the venom. 

i worked the tunnel. certain it was deep enough. i sold the tickets. eager for the show to go on. 

there was blood. there was confusion. there were tourniquets and amputations. 

i warned him that the math would win. 

i jumped. but the fall was not steep enough. 

the body knows what love is. the illusions of chemistry that destroy us. the mind sees who we are. strangers. impaled on the corners of our grief.  

i stole him from his sadness. but he was never really mine. 

i gave him all my pennies. he wasted every wish.

Friday 12/03/2021 11:32:00 PM

 the edge seemed as far as it was close. the temperamental paradox that plagues all of life as we know it. 

flesh accumulates its debts. we default on most of them. 

the air was silk. the road was burlap. as we calculated the efficacy of the skins we'd chosen. 

our rigid plastic arms shattered as we tried to touch. 

we can't be wrong. we can't be right. when the question has never been asked.

we can only shout and wait for someone to surrender. 

the raw instance between realization and defeat.


a magnificent destruction. full of everything inside of us that's broken. that will never be whole again. 

our brittle paper legs disappear beneath us. as the flood deepens. 

the little thieves take what they need. and we continue on in the remainder of our hysteria. 

too stubborn to hear. too angry to listen. the years rot inside us. 

still we continue onward even as everything around us is collapsing.

because that is what life is. 


Thursday 12/02/2021 11:15:00 PM

 her dirty dress was still on her as they removed her skin. her bones hummed. the last notes of a song.

i listened for a while. 

the hours crystalized. frozen in absentia. the needle slipped away from the thread. all the stitches came undone.  

all that was left was the body. the rigid cage of her flesh. 

everything inside it gone. 

her blood stale. her words blunted. 

the pillow bruised with her end. 

i listened for a while 

to all the verses she had not sung. 

Saturday 11/27/2021 10:48:00 PM

we drew our lines on the paper. in trembling ink everything was small except what we needed. 

he said I should listen. though his words were few and far between. 

he said I should know. even though he didn't. 

it didn't matter much. as the years spent our lies. all the random wishes that sour as our lives continue on in spite of us. 

it's want that's most infectious. as the sickness overtakes us. 

time pretends its cure.

i'm alive. ripe with the flood. spoiled by the surrender. i'm strong. soiled by the truth. cleansed by betrayal.

we're predators. driven by our hunger. everything else is illusion.

Wednesday 11/24/2021 10:58:00 PM

 the empty bed still whispered of her bones. the soiled pillow still held the shape of her head. 

time remained ambivalent. a cordial, yet distant host. 

the lights went dark. the music ceased. 

still the party lingered. too long after the last present had been opened. 

her words like knots coming undone. her life like fallen leaves growing brittle in the sun. 

everyone evaporates. disappears into a sudden nothing. 

when we're too small to see. when we're too fragile to hold. 

memory is all that's left of us.

Saturday 11/20/2021 11:06:00 PM

 the years stacked their stones. a shaky fortress in a war with ourselves. we stumbled through the math. pretending to know how we arrived at this sum. but truth consists only of division. 

it sorts. it makes smaller. it proves what we refuse to know. 

slender lightning bolts in a lingering storm. we chased the smallest islands as we drifted out to sea. we readied ourselves to drown as we realized how deep it was. 

we took the candy. though we knew it was poisoned. hunger superseded.  we embraced the sickness. 

we slept in the empty bed. we wrote by the dim light. thieves with broken fingers. peeling the words from our fraying flesh.

that voice in our head still  screaming long after anyone was still listening. 

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