Wednesday 3/29/2023 11:37:00 PM

the miles that measured us stopped counting. the monsters that became us retracted their claws. we swallowed the poison and it only made us want more. 

licking our fangs as the blood turned cold. 

love told its stories in broken shoelaces and locked doors. 

time sold its remaining songs. and we danced to the silence as if the world was only ours. 

the fickle of winter sold our skins. and so we took shelter in the flame. 

the more it burned, the more we wanted it. 

Monday 3/27/2023 11:33:00 PM

 we chewed on the catastrophe. dirty coins in strangers' pockets.

the truth crawled out of its skin. and we quickly snuck inside it.

choice became a dungeon.

we continued to count the colors. even as the rainbow collapsed.

we argued with the animals within us. a jury of none.

time bit down hard. the horizon shed its blood.

we'd tasted the loss and still wanted more.

Tuesday 3/21/2023 11:09:00 PM

 the silence stuttered. more capacity than void. the distance choked. our flesh still stuck in its teeth.

the end called our names.

we slipped out of those used up skins and let our bones decide.

the apocalypse was so impatient. we drew our pictures on its back. but it rolled over and spoiled everything.

we're small sometimes. as the sky collapses.

choices like confetti.

we're liars. as touch surrenders.

thieves in heavy boots. as the water rises. 

Monday 3/13/2023 11:19:00 PM

 the engine spoiled against our antipathy. time held its breath.

as we drew our frantic maps.

we held the memories up like a lantern against the accumulating distance.

but the truth would not be deterred.

the miles shed their tears.

our pencils went blunt.

we tugged on the wolf's leash. but the beast had already broken free.

only the bones of its prey remained.

our teeth marks in it still fresh. 

Thursday 3/09/2023 11:24:00 PM

 the wind tells its stories while it waits for us to catch up. just time drawing with broken pencils. and the softer lies that distance creates.

we're the fouler math of skin and bone. the orphans of division. the decimals always sharper than we remember.

the truth arrives in pins and needles. an aching numbness.

we're free. dead leaves released from their branches.

the world gnashes its teeth.

and we get bitten.

we open our eyes. alive only for an instant.

but it's still too much. 

Wednesday 3/01/2023 11:09:00 PM

 the door was silent as it pushed us through.  all inhales and next times. 

the distance a jagged blade. 

we're souvenirs after all . flecks of glitter on the skin of change. 

ugly scars in beds where we no longer sleep. 

they're empty bottles. softly sinking below the surface of our ache. 

we're humble thieves. stealing time from failing machines. 

torn maps in the pockets of strangers. 

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