Tuesday 6/22/2021 11:52:00 PM

time whispers. in shallow cuts. life stirs beneath the oldest scars. love scrapes its stories into the flesh. but blood is all that it wants. 

we live in half written songs. we touch through broken glass. 

we were never lovers. only thieves. 

 we revel in our glorious cages. prisoners terrified of escape. 

life bellows. a weary hunter. ready to devour on its final kill. 

we can worship the words. the beauty of theory. but the math remains unmoved. 

we poke the flames. hoping its heat will be enough.

still the cold persists..

Wednesday 6/16/2021 11:22:00 PM

 the truth is ours to manipulate. or so we thought. a thunderstorm approaching in the distance. much too sudden. much too loud. 

time is a fever. a perpetual sickness. but the disease is what makes us strong. 

the truth is a flood. it gives us only two choices. learn to swim or drown. 

We enjoyed the edge. It enjoyed us. 

That was more than enough. 

There's no need to forget. No reason to hold on.

There's only life.

Its stunning abyss always daring us to jump.

Tuesday 6/15/2021 11:13:00 PM

 the world is loud and sharp. we take it as it is. never thinking it could ever be any different. 

until it is. 

the world is not ours. though we like to live as if it is. 

the flesh has its own plans. we're just the victims. following the folds. chasing its creases. restless strangers stumbling through its blind intersections. 

a person is both soft and hard. we take them just as they are. never asking them to be any different. 

until they are. 

a lifetime vanishes in only seconds while you're waiting for something that's never coming. a truth is hardly true when it never happens. 

a poet remembers.


the words are truth enough. 

but life is less forgiving. 

Sunday 6/13/2021 11:24:00 PM

our monsters have abandoned us. but our monsters are all that we are. 

the rabid geometry of life accelerates. as we approach the edge. the circumference measures not the content. only our limits. 

we linger in our yesterdays. tempted children lured into the stoves of witches. the fairy tale always betrays. 

predators without claws. we hunt with broken promises. pounding on the walls of  the world to let us in.

it never will. 

the years crash in waves against our thoughts. the tide of life has no mercy to give. our tattered maps flaunt their paths. that lead us back to who we've always been.

the truth dangles like a needle left in the vein. a fragile freedom. that always breaks. 

time arrives with its jagged stitches. to close the wounds that refuse to heal. 

they never will. 

promises in chalk. washed away by the rain. lies we chose to believe. collapsing. 

every moment. every touch. stolen by your silence. 

we don't go there. why would we. after all these years. 

every single breath i take spent waiting.

for the chance to taste you again. 

i never will. 

6/06/2021 11:13:00 PM

 her plastic arms betrayed her. as she reached for the zipper on her spine. desperate to discard the burden of skin. 

her hollow torso hummed against the raindrops. as the storm collected on her lingering debts. 

her molded thighs were stiff as they pressed against their chains. poisoned by a freedom barely recollected. 

her fingers stumbling through the words. defeated by the wind. frantic for friction enough to spark her last remaining flint. 

the little soldiers in her head had no weapons left to brandish.. the sleeping demons in her lips were deafened by her sadness. 

she could only run. letting the miles consume her. as she collapsed into the distance. a remnant. a ladder inside the abyss. 

she dug a hole in the dirt. and slipped out of her tattered dress.

she threw her last penny in the well, but made no wish. 

Monday 5/31/2021 11:15:00 PM

 the miles travelled her. all crusting scars and drying blood. all her choices an open wound. a quiet suicide taking place over countless years. 

she measured time in hard and soft. a stuttering apocalypse of pleasure and fury. 

gathering her voice like little dolls. plastic bodies strangely ambivalent as their dresses dwindled. a panic of naked erupting under her skin. 

the truth a lingering poison. 

her crumbling bridges more sober than drunk. she kissed the devil and thanked him for his patience. 

she never knew a single one. all of them strangers. 

only years later realizing she'd lost all the games she'd thought she'd won. 

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