Monday 2/19/2024 12:10:00 AM

 narrow angles wear our choices. skin folds. the stale vanity of broken men.

the lies build their trembling houses. and we paint their walls in vinegar and smiles. 

the tortoise is lost. discarded by the race. the hare is dead. 

tell tomorrow to stop counting.

the world is crippled. the sky has fallen. 

turn the ignition on these bodies. choke on the exhaust. 

time places its bets. on the lonely and the arrogant. 

the boy cries wolf. fractured machines swallow the remains of the sun. 

the distance chafes against our progress. 

the miles undress. shivering advocates of happily ever after. 

Thursday 2/15/2024 12:17:00 AM

 stolen names fail the surge. we wear the storm. travelers on candy bridges. 

suffocating in our quiet epiphanies. 

skin like knives. 

screaming because our words are missing. 

the chaos flaunts its colors. an explosion of choices. 

the pieces quiver. caught in gravity's noose. 

the obvious monsters polish their horns. 

touch is a strict accountant. calculating every cent. 

as the price of devotion continues to increase.  

Monday 2/12/2024 12:12:00 AM

where we are. tunnels in the throat of time. 

who we are. spiders spinning solitude's web. 

we stand at the end of the world. tempted by the precipice. 

we kneel at gravity's feet. 

primates strangled by evolution's threads. . 

it's the world we know that undoes us. 

touch's wilted flowers left to rot. 

it's a pebble in an open fist. 

a lie that lingers. 

even as we confront the edge. 

we can only know. 

how high we are.  

not how deep the bottom is. 

Friday 2/09/2024 11:15:00 PM

it was old before it was young.
the face of time.
its calloused grin.
its tenuous thirst for what we call life. 

we chase the miles.
strays in ragged collars.
our leashes cut.

we wear the math.
a feast of choices subrogating
to a frenzy of touch. 

the machine is assembled.
its engine stirs.
a beast condemned
to the infinite measure of a promise. 

our fingers keep count.
our eyes wrestle with the colors. 

the fairy tale lumbers through our veins.
much louder than our consent. 

we stab at the protagonist.
certain the villain has been exposed. 

but time is a fickle pendulum. 

and our stories rarely end as we expect. 

2/09/2024 11:15:00 PM

something furtive resembling how. 

obtuse corners in long corridors sing out loud. 

the kitten's claws are sharp, but easily broken. 

the king's crown sparkles only when the sun shines. 

something presumed lost. abruptly found. 

the monsters have their mayhem. 

the heroes have their blades. 

but time is still that cotton in our lungs. 

tomorrow fetches its pennies from stale wishing wells. 

the maiden loosens her corset. desperate to breathe. 

forgetting too easily how fragile every choice is. 

the victims have their grief. 

and the villains their perfection. 

Monday 2/05/2024 11:31:00 PM

how quickly our choices expire. 

our story told mostly by strangers. 

spun by the colors of expectation. 

we fumble in time's empty pockets.

searching for purchase on this slippery stage. 

actors in the sickly skins of love.

carelessly naming every stray. 

daggers worn by touch. 

dulled by years of friction. 

little dogs in an oligarchy of skin. 

chasing phantom scents. 

time yawns.

our lives a series of open graves.
waiting for corpses. 

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