Friday 4/12/2024 11:43:00 PM

 time travels through us.
a silent thief.

wearing us as well
as we are worn by it. 

our steps are shallow.
though the terrain is deep. 

choice flinches as we fiddle
with its decaying mask. 

the houses are dark.
the windows all locked.

we are still strangers in this land.
though we've spent all of our lives being lost. 

the tortoise suddenly pauses. 
wondering after the hare. 

scorned by the economy of why. 

the race shrugs its shoulders. 
as the finish line laughs. 

Tuesday 4/09/2024 11:35:00 PM

her plastic pennies scoff at the well. too raw to pretend. simple auditors in the fallacy of why. 

her skin a dwindling currency. a hobbled predator in a concentric hunt. 

a feast of incredulous saboteurs. set their traps. 

only touch knows. or ever has.

how sharp gravity's teeth are.

as the edge opens its jaws. 

his stilted maps chafe against the truth. bound to creases sold too soon. 

time taps on the glass. burrowing much too deeply into a murky vein. 

smeared lipstick on the tender cheeks of why. 

curious fingers keep count. strangers sharing a collapsing bridge.

we wear the distance. discarded flesh leaves behind its answers.

long after we've forgotten the questions asked. 

Friday 4/05/2024 11:57:00 PM

 time travels through us. a silent thief. 

worn by the machines that move us. until the engine chokes on our flesh. 

animals in human costumes. 

evolution's seldom conspirators crease the curtain. as the stage thunders beneath our pause. 

thirsty beasts suckle at the gears. the sweet taste of when goes sour. 

small cuts in atoms make the molecules dance. 

dirty windows obscure our gaze. as the world forgets. 

only the colors remain. as we stumble over our choices. 

piglets in straw houses. bargaining with wolves. 

Wednesday 4/03/2024 11:19:00 PM

 we're quiet enough not to be heard. long threads teasing the wind. in the fading colors of shedding skin. 

we don't know their names. though they've said them. they'll always be strangers. 

the road strangles on our earnestness. we abandon our maps. atoms spinning in the centrifuge of want. 

we tear out the pages. we discard our pens. 

all our words have failed us. 

tomorrow is poised to forget.

the math chokes on our arrogance. slender stitches chewing on a preponderance of blood. 

our voices tremble. hollow dresses abandoned on empty beds. 

it's a fickle war we wage. against the villains we've created. 

stubborn heroes tangled in their capes. pretending to fly as they go over the edge. 

Sunday 3/31/2024 12:21:00 AM

 time presses on the glass. furtive strays tally the colors in their grief. 

plastic torsos struggle with their limbs. a checkboard of flesh with no moves left. 

the ladder shudders. as we clamber up its rungs.

chewing on a ceiling that's constantly smothering us. 

play the cages. as we stumble over our claws. more adjective than organic. 

chase the exit. clay arms fumbling with rusted locks. sold into an apothecary of skin. 

the world is a simple equation full of complex numbers.  

our breath blurs our vision. as we look inside the palace. 

change is loud. truth is deaf. 

we turn the words inside out. just to see how much blood there is. 

Thursday 3/28/2024 11:27:00 PM

 names in the distance. scattered in all directions. the wind gathers its coins. eager to spend us. 

the darkness counts out loud. delicate flesh bent by gravity's whims. 

open zippers on time's trembling wrists. stain tomorrow's tattered dress. 

the animals claw at the math. the end of the world in lingering hiccups. 

the predator is tamed not by the struggle. but rather the lack thereof. 

places to visit. wept from open sores. touch threads its needle. seduced by our cuts. 

hope wanders. eyes closed. feet bare. flirting with the remains of its skin.

a skeleton dancing in a dirty gown. 

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