Wednesday 8/10/2022 11:37:00 PM

i tried to remember, but i couldn't recall why we had collided.

angry strangers rattling our empty buckets.

thieves in smeared lipstick. knocking on the tomb of want. 

wolves with broken fangs defeated by the hunt. 

fretting my words. digging in my wounds. 

every choice deepening the flood.

tearing out the pages. standing in the rain. arguing with the thunder.

i knew the sky would fall. i wanted it to smother us.  

angry because the world had slipped away.

humbled by time. all our candy turned to poison.

while we waited for a day that would never come. 

Thursday 8/04/2022 11:25:00 PM

 we shed our wanting. snakes escaping old flesh. 

the fuse still smoldering. we hungered for the flames. 

i've been a little pig. i've been the wolf. the difference is negligible. 

the void kept counting. as the distance churned. all spit and sweat on time's weary brow. 

we polished our pennies. we petitioned the void. shattering the windows on long abandoned houses. 

i've been the tortoise. i've been the hare. they're the same. 

life drags us from our slumber. in stutters and chokes.  we save each other with our different  diseases. 

long roads to lose ourselves on. gorgeous mazes to wander. 

it's quiet as the years shrug off their skeletons.

leaving us to suffocate inside these empty skins. 

Sunday 7/31/2022 11:40:00 PM

we argued with our maybes. we stood over the flames. eager to burn. 

in our little dresses. full of little arms and legs. a fragile consent to let the future unravel our stitches. 

empty pockets. heavy with the stones we'd spent. an open invitation to every kind of predator. 

orphaned monsters. deformed by too many scars. tell their stories in sweet aggressions. scratching with their brittle claws. on the doors that we keep locked. 

stilted epiphanies drag their crayons across our skin. weighing us down with all the colors we'll never see. 

patiently. we wait for the world to end. 

curating tomorrow by yesterday's debts. 

touching the surface from below. strangled by hope. 

repeating the lies. until we believe them. 

Wednesday 7/27/2022 11:37:00 PM

 those crumbling  stairs dared us to climb them.

we fiddled with the mechanics of paradise. monsters in heavy robes. pissing on stranger's beds. 

too occupied with our envy to contemplate its origins. 

we built our scales to measure everything we didn't have. 

architects of thorn and suet. 

but the body is only an equation. and the heart is only numbers for it to manipulate. 

we chase those empty graves. knowing we can never catch them.

thieves with kind faces. knocking on doors that no one opens. 

Sunday 7/24/2022 11:54:00 PM

the distance puckered. glutted with all our sour. the intersection buckled. burdened by the heft of our vanity. the thread knotted as our stitches hurried to close. all the beautiful gashes we'd torn in our skin.

the magician took off his hat. and we could see the heartbeat of  the illusion as it died. 

we were angry, but undefeated. even as our shackles laughed. 

time lit its match. igniting everything. 

we gathered our puppets. hoping to save what remained of the catastrophe. 

i stumbled toward the edge. to see how deep the void goes. i tossed a pebble in. and waited.

but never heard it hit the bottom.

 the lie was plain enough that we believed it. 

Wednesday 7/20/2022 11:14:00 PM

 we lied when we said we could see. 

the animals spinning on their claws. the monsters polishing their horns. 

the world filled with storms that didn't care to learn our names. 

we spent ourselves in fits of how. rats. gnawing on the wires that gave us power. 

emperors in leaden robes. climbing stairs that collapsed under our weight. 

we lied when we said there was a cure. that time could liberate us from this prison. 

we waited. in cheap lipstick and borrowed clothes. but time betrayed us. 

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