Thursday 9/23/2021 11:05:00 PM

 I saw the water and wondered how deep it was. I took the bridge and tried to determine when it would collapse. 

The path was quiet and narrow. The end fussing to find its way back. A conundrum of idling engines and finicky detours.

The world arrives in shimmering floods. Too many intersections. Not nearly enough stops.

I count the cars. I calculate the the pedestrians. As the road swallows what remains of my arrogance. 

The trees discard their leaves. The highway hums beneath my flight. The road writes its story in the places we've forgotten that still remember us. . 

we dance with the obvious monsters. letting the wind determine how lost we will become. 

we grow fierce on our pain. discarding everything that once made us weak. 

the beginning is always ours. but the end always belongs to someone else.  

9/23/2021 10:51:00 PM

 the edge was clean as it made its first slice. the plate was empty as we took up our knives. 

i bit down hard on what little remained. her body a fruit rotting on the vine. her words wet paper. 

tasting her indifference. spoiled by her hunger. knowing we had found each other, but lost ourselves. 

calculating our mutual conceits. unable to reconcile 

i let her die. because living had never been kind to her. 

the world forgot easily enough. 

but i still remember. 

Friday 9/17/2021 11:13:00 PM

 the darkness is fragile as i turn the page. small cuts fester. we spend our ache in small coins. accumulating impossible debts. wasting years trying to determine what's worth saving. 

the end is not a place we arrive at. it's a gun pointed at our face. 

we can grow old waiting for someone to pull the trigger. or we can bite the barrel and embrace blood.

you imagine i am lost, but i've never been more certain.

you remember me soft, but my skin has grown hard. . 

life shimmers and turns. all heavy picnic baskets and wolves in grandmother's bed. 

the fairy tale breaks open. and all the monsters are exposed. 

no happy endings. 

just the the final page. our soiled fingerprints staining  every last word.

Wednesday 9/15/2021 11:24:00 PM

 the quiet swells. we become who we always were. the tender surges. we shrug off those stale skins. 
everything is erased. except the core.

we are the eye of the storm. violence raging  all around, but we're calm. we are the tines of the fork. piercing empty plates. 

we collect the remains of these heavy skeletons. prepared to confront the choices that led us to them. 

our flesh as fragile as it is stubborn. our bones as heavy as they are soft. 

time stirs in its bed. awoken by our ripening despair. 

gravity loses its grip.

we're weightless again.

slipping into the charms of loss. scribbling in ink on memory's damp walls. 

the flood arrives quietly. everything is gone. nothing is lost. 

Tuesday 9/14/2021 11:00:00 PM

Years apart I still feel your ache. A ferocious drug as deadly as it is sweet.

As sober as I am the temptation is still there. 

I'm startled by the hollow clamor of memory. Like so many empty cans. 

Life is many winters interrupted by the occasional summer. 

It's a choice, even when it isn't. To survive or to surrender. 

We're mostly dying, but once in a while we get to live. 

We don't get to choose how. We must take it as it's given. 

 I once was. But I am no longer the victim that you need. 

Monday 9/13/2021 11:59:00 PM

 the edge is slender. a curious slope that straddles both heaven and hell. 

i rode the rattling bridges. i found the hidden places. that tell us in their stumbling decimals. all hoarse voices and stinging fractions. 

as far as i could run, i could never run far enough. 

the impossible angles of touch. staling in their impotence. 

the rise of the ocean. the distance of the buoys. as the storm approached. 

the knowing a stubborn ghost. as those open graves work their way through our us. 

i don't wonder what you feel. i don't know the taste of the blood on your fangs. 

all i know is the first cut. how long it took to heal. 

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