Wednesday 11/30/2022 11:15:00 PM

 time came and went. a ghost in the bedroom of strangers. we wore our paths in each other. more fools than thieves. 

everything went sharp. tomorrow collapsed. we stood under its tattered roof counting our assassins. our plastic limbs too rigid to extricate us from  this foul flesh. 

 i told him my name. pretending he had heard it. i gave him my body imagining that would be enough. 

the miles tore away my layers until only the center stone remained. it sunk to the bottom. and took me with it. 

we're candy on our lover's tongue. dissolving into each other. 

the end's engine hummed. atrociously arrogant. everything before it a perfect manipulation. 

we lifted the lid. all the rats escaped. 

we stared at our empty mazes. as the walls caved in. 

Friday 11/25/2022 11:48:00 PM

 the distance barely heard us as we raced through the pain. slips of when in a catastrophe of why. orphans with feet made of lead. 

the horizon smirked as we struggled toward its eclipse. the sharp corners of our choices blunted by indifference. the foul of confession staining every path. 

we leveraged the lies against our sadness. and found the bargain suited us. 

the truth a prison to escape. 

we're so weak. it hurts to know how helpless love is. 

the skins we shed still ripe with what might have been. 

Wednesday 11/23/2022 11:30:00 PM

We counted the hours as our time machine chewed on our surrender. 

the textures of grief too brittle to hold. 

we carved our maps in despair's cement. arrogantly trespassing in each other's skins.

lost in a borrowed paradise. 

the years drew their pictures in our flesh. 

I was wrong. 

scolded by all the sour epiphanies passion overlooks. 

I pulled the blade from my neck and waited.

for the predators to smell the blood. 

Thursday 11/17/2022 11:13:00 PM

expectation moves through us in a series of shallow cuts. 

we feel each other with cold fingers pressed against the glass. orphans clenching our tattered maps. magicians shouting at our empty top hats. 

i lied and said i knew why it was so dark. 

we wear each other in the frigid antiseptic of touch. and all the soiled bandages that accumulate to stop the blood. 

dull needles in scarred veins. grief  desperate for an exit. 

we see each other through the narrow of our cages. animals on loan to the slaughter. 

i lied and said i could open the lock. 

tomorrow spent us. in borrowed skins and wasted chances. 

the truth turned sour. the light was on. i could see clearly. what flesh had forgotten. 

Sunday 11/13/2022 11:31:00 PM

 we're wolves. and time's house is made of straw. 

the fairy tale stiffens its knees as the ground grows softer. 

the truth comes and goes. a faulty bulb in the ugly corners of our lives. 

we're borrowers. making payments on debts that can never be resolved. 

we're villains with a lifetime of crimes still to commit. 

peddlers of trust in a world full of lies. 

we tick off all the names. stealing the pencils from the monsters' hands. 

we're spiders. asleep in our webs. as our prey comes to us. 

Tuesday 11/08/2022 11:20:00 PM

 how loud the sun was as we struck against the wind. our bodies all fever. 

how well time wore us. slipping easily inside those open skins. a parasite playing the victim. 

we accumulated all the lies we could believe. undeterred by the truth. 

puppets in borrowed clothes. all tangled strings and withered stages. 

we lost ourselves in those curious poisons. 

strangers in each other's beds. 

we found ourselves in the destruction.

prey left to rot. 

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