Saturday 10/01/2022 11:21:00 PM

 we chased each other around the knotted corners. all twigs and pebbles as the fire fumbled to keep us warm. 

predators in failing time machines. touch our only weapon. 

the words bit down hard. angry rodents in the musty corridors of our choices. 

we spent our nickels on cunning imposters. and dubious confessions. 

time only comes in narrow triangles and perfect lies. everything else is panic. 

we shuffle the numbers. con men selling empty boxes. 

if we don't look inside them. then there's nothing missing. 

Wednesday 9/28/2022 11:38:00 PM

 the miles betray us as we chase the sun.

gravity writes its stories in our skin. softly we fall. as the world swallows our footsteps. 

we are villains who can only be solved by the darkness. our frail skeletons crushed under the weight of  dissonant flesh. 

just a knot or two and then freedom might spare a mask for our faces. 

all the sharp angles of touch. always cutting from within. 

the distance closes its eyes and makes its wish. the truth falls like rain. the flood is merciless. 

we pound on the doors of strangers to save us

but forgiveness is more claws than stitches.  

Tuesday 9/27/2022 11:42:00 PM

 the yellow streets touched the sky. the weight of everything balanced on the thin line between them. 

our paper fists torn by gravity. 

too close paradise.

time whispering under our skin. all broken ladders and shattered mirrors. 

choked by touch.

too deep into the woods to ever go back. 

the colors came and went.

just our pennies left at the bottom. 

after the well had dried up. 

Wednesday 9/21/2022 11:47:00 PM

 it was a long walk from then to now. a series of gentle assassins. swiftly bludgeoning the remaining soldiers in our war with happiness. 

it was simple path. until it wasn't. a farewell that refused to end. 

we cut through time on our sinking ships. eager to drown 

i never told the end my name. because it never asked. 

the moon chafed at the choke of the sun. we spent each other in soiled bandages and lingering blood. 

earnest thieves looking in on open windows. 

unsure of what to steal. now that everything is lost. 

9/21/2022 10:45:00 PM

 time is a slow assassin. foul with the echoes of when. sharp with the choices to come. 

we move through these heavy skins. hungry to be bruised. 

scavengers with gravity in our pockets. waiting for the sky to collapse. 

the end is the only promise we can keep. 

as we collect our dirty pennies. and stand over the edge to watch them fall.

numb with misspent wishes. 

we lock our doors and look under our beds.

only to discover that the monsters are real. 

9/14/2022 11:45:00 PM

 where we died, we hardly recall. strands of when in a chaos of how. we're monsters all the same. chasing each other with our buckets full of why. monkeys in borrowed gowns. dancing to songs that stopped playing years ago. 

we're liars with a little truth to spare. martyrs adrift in the arithmetic of thieves. 

we simmer in the pandemonium of context. dancing on our plastic limbs. to the music of our extinction. 

we let the world end. as we traced the veins in our fraying maps. 

we lied and said we could see. as the truth sunk into our skin. 

we clenched our fists and waited for the disease to forget. 

but it was too late. we were already dead. 

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