Sunday 1/31/2021 10:48:00 PM

 the end approached on hands and knees. monsters in frilly nightgowns sneaking coldly into our beds. 

we spent our bodies like pocket change. pennies against the deepening debt accumulating underneath our skin. 

we counted our ammunition. empty bottles and misplaced shame. we gathered our weapons. grief and addiction our only soldiers in a war with an impossible enemy. 

life fell like rain against the slope of our expectations. freezing into icicles in the winter of our discontent. 

we huddled in the cold. unmoved. undeterred from our hopelessness. 

until the weather turned at last. the frost melted. and all our epiphanies betrayed.

we crawled out from those decaying skeletons and discarded our dead skin. 

falling sharply against the tether of loyalty. relieved to see it break. 

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