Sunday 2/07/2021 11:16:00 PM

 the tunnel broke. the flood rushed in. we tried to swim. but the moment had other plans. 

she kissed herself goodbye. smearing her lipstick against the void. 

it rained. it snowed. we tried to see the difference as we shifted into the rhythm of the abyss. 

the lies were loud. the truth louder still. as the structure of our union collapsed. 

all heavy curtains and tortured bed sheets in the shadow of crumbling promises. 

we wore our love like a tight fitting skin. we sucked the marrow from every bone inside of it.. 

sated, but still unnourished. 

i waited. like an orphaned pig. for the wolf to blow my house down. 

i called it love, but couldn't find any concrete evidence. 

we're never so small as when we think we need someone. 

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