Sunday 1/24/2021 11:38:00 PM

 we dig our graves too early. riding our empty elevators. up and down until they break. the mechanics of flesh a permanent betrayal. 

we take our first bite. and our hunger explodes. enough never is. our starvation all that feeds us. 

the foul of time growing in our gut. as our words rot in our throat. every touch another dose of the poison. that's always been killing us.  

the miles fall like raindrops in a ocean of distance. we're no closer. no further apart. our circles become us. the futility is comfort. 

the fragile paradise of skin withers. flesh forgets. and we're left with our stale choices and poor judgment. 

we bargain with the grief. we shout at the truth. too deeply invested in the tragedy to ever let it go. 

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