Monday 1/18/2021 11:20:00 PM

 tomorrow arrived in mangled puzzle pieces. nothing clearer than our mistakes. we threw our harness around our grief. pulling hard on all the wild horses we'd unleashed. 

everything shrinking as we managed the betrayal. missing razors and empty nooses. a suicide of choices. as the reins fell away. 

we reasoned with the needle. the potency and the prognosis. 

we slipped out of our empty gowns. determined the moment would remember us. 

chasing contrition with rusted scissors and soiled dresses. 

we could see the stars. how their light had come so far to reach us. 

we could see the footprints on the ground. how all our maps had been displaced.

we had nowhere in particular to be. 

suddenly, all that mattered was where we'd already been. 

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