Wednesday 8/12/2020 12:07:00 AM

 the world ended and we didn't even notice. strangers on a conveyor belt of emotion. the world choked on us. we weren't concerned with saving it. 

time's thieves infiltrate. as youth inevitably slips away. 

the sharper angles come into focus. maps in the self draw the outlines. life fills in the negative space. 

we're paused in our skin. all warm gasoline and fickle intersections. 

we're alive in our coffins. spent nickels and expired jesters. chasing the vertigo of acceptance. 

we spent our choices until they had spent us. our lives like fruit drying in the sun. sweeter as it decays. 

we pivot on our bandages. the wounds loud against so much flesh.

the rain like confetti in our fists. the surface tense as we remember how to swim. 

The pain said...

What a true portrayal of reality of life... we are alive in our coffins...

softermaniac said...

thank you.

The pain said...

You are a genius with words Atoms

The pain said...

Long time i have been a fan of your writtings

softermaniac said...


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