Wednesday 8/19/2020 10:41:00 PM

 the moment swells. dense with expectation. the ground trembles underfoot. weighted with expiring choices. 

the distance lingers. long after we come home again. we struggle with the empty needles. as the cure diminishes. 

the missing words. the broken steps. all the heavy puzzle pieces the wear us. 

the thirsty bridges. the hungry roads. all the places that once defined who we are. shattered glass and flooded basements. in a storm that has no finish.

where we go. where we've been. a map more paper cuts than destinations.

how we bend. tilting toward that fickle edge. how we fiddle with all the dials. on our broken time machines. searching for ourselves in empty closets and soiled flesh. 

everything is gone except the realization of all that is lost. 

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