Monday 7/27/2020 11:18:00 PM

the bridge breaks. gravity closes its fist. we fall. while our paper wings tear against the wind. swallowed by circumstance. we stumble through the obstacles of perspective. all its loose buttons and torn pockets. that leave us with more to mend than for which we have thread.

wherever we were going isn't someplace we'll ever see again. 

she carries her words in heavy sacks. spilling them as she goes. a leaking bucket. water sloshing as she struggles. the meanings scattered. the names slipping out of reach. 

eventually arrives empty handed.

life grinds and churns. as it always has. only now the motor strains. as time thickens. a hardening adhesive. simultaneously binding us and leaving us isolated

the closer we get, the farther away it is. 

our grief owns us. from birth to death. from skin to marrow. 

we're accumulating that debt from the first moment we begin to love. 

it's a puzzle only the end can solve. 

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