Friday 5/29/2020 11:21:00 PM

she slipped away. suddenly. i shouted, but she couldn't hear. 

even the slender threads still can choke. maybe moreso. 

time chewed on us. we were merely prey. 

the world is a black hole. it swallows all our screams. our fears. our grief. we disappear inside it. there is no escape. 

we tried. though the knots kept coming undone. we were lost. we always had been. but lost together insidiously became lost from each other. 

death i understand. it's suffering that breaks me. 

death has purpose. suffering is only suffering. 

the structure is gone. we're all islands. she was the foundation. now we're crumbling. 

i dwell on all the ways i could've been kinder. i ache for everything they might be feeling. 

i sit here alone. impotent. 

defeated. not knowing how to reach them. 

life goes on, but it's the end of the world to me. 

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