Saturday 5/23/2020 11:23:00 PM

we went sober into the wind. consumed by the distance. hungry for the descent. 

the empty dance of flesh and blood. still confounds us. all neon and sirens. pulling on the knots in our conscience. that swelling abyss between hope and truth that is so eager to swallow us. 

we fester. a virus in our own right. much too eager to multiply. 

life comes in stumbles, breaks and cuts. we bleed. we heal. scar tissue our biography. pain the narrator.

we breathe on the glass. to convince ourselves it's real. that everything we can see. as close as it is. is still out of reach. we're each of us. so weighed down by the nothing outside and in. the stab of evolution cuts deep. the indifference of nature is relentless. 

the moment shifts inside its fraying dresses. the colors gone. the threads all that remain. 

knowing defeats us. it always has. 

we wait. dancing to the burrowing silence. 

the world ends with a whimper. 

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