Saturday 5/16/2020 10:57:00 PM

say you were. say you might have been. climb that broken staircase that is our expectation. only to blame the attic when you discover the door is locked and there's no one there to let you in. 

we simmer. in our loosening skins. raging against a life that has never fit. 

we chase the slopes. determined to go up. yet addicted to the descent. 

we seek the friction. igniting all the little bombs inside us. destruction is its own euphoria. 

say we are. or almost were. the strangers we wanted to be. the needles in each other's veins. only to be disappointed when the poison is weak. 

our feet bloody from the sharp edge of time upon which we walk.

our bodies bankrupted by hope's deepening debt.

we sink into the wind. torn kites destined for oblivion.

content to disappear again. 

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