Saturday 5/09/2020 11:18:00 PM

it simmers. all context and grief. the sullen spin the wind often takes. as we embrace the sun. the world, life is. chemistry. science. reactions. catalysts. we stumble through the experiment of our being. whispering loudly. crawling on our feet.

time wears us. tight skins. that tear as we accelerate. we lean into the curves. desperate for a different direction. . 

we're a chink in the blade that slits tomorrow's throat. we're a pinprick in the glove on the hand that chokes yesterday.

the truth still accumulates. in the dust on our eyelids. in the masks on our faces. we smile, but it can no longer be seen. 

every year the summer grows colder. every day is one less to imagine what might have been. 

our words arrange us. by the thump of our fear. by the symphony of our needs. 

our bodies betray us. in the quiver of our cheeks. in the stone of our faces. 

we malingner in the sober of our choices. 

this road that brought us together is now what separates us. 

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