Tuesday 6/09/2020 11:21:00 PM

the small pieces define the whole. single droplets gather to create the storm. 

we stumble over our expectations.all ink. no paper. we devour those bridges. hungry to change. 

when words eventually fail us. it's only flesh that remains. the thunder of her pain. the whispers of her love. 

life is thrust upon us. we're thrown into its quicksand. life is a weight that drags us down and an engine that drives us. 

she was tired. but not tired enough to die. she waited. wondering how hard it would be. her thoughts strangled in illness. her choices poisoned by time. 

we grieved. our pockets heavy with fading memories. we laughed. forgetting the future for a moment. 

the small pieces pausing briefly. to let the storm subside. 

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