Wednesday 12/18/2019 11:46:00 PM

we measured the distance in risk. how far we'd gone. how close we were. the miles expiring underneath our feet. as we sifted through the wreckage for bridges we could cross.

flesh is a heavy burden. touch ignites us. sparks hungry for flame.

the world is criminally indifferent. as we press our noses to its glass. looking in. looking out. the difference is nominal. either way we're stranded.

the years whisper. as they let us go. time opens its fist. to let us fall. gravity catches us in its empty box.

we were young once. soft corners content to follow the edge. we loved. sick with the impotence of our endeavour. crumbling quietly into the well of circumstance.

we are liars. we deceive. every word punctures. until everything is deflated.

we reference our wrinkled maps.searching for home in the deepening creases.

the world pauses to let us in, but the door remains locked.

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