Tuesday 12/24/2019 11:58:00 PM

i was running. thinking I'd gone far. i was waiting. imagining it mattered how long.

we touched and we were on fire. then we burned out just as quickly. i have the words to say, but not the strength to lift them.

long, winding roads seduce. we wander. we hunt. for something. we're not sure what. we say. we kiss. we pretend. there is meaning in our selfishness.

time has no memory. it just moves on.

we wear our choices like weights. dragging the truth behind us. we prick each other's skin and marvel at the blood.

we're animals. condemned to the repetitions of our flesh. we're thieves. we steal each other's affection. junkies trolling for our next hit.

it burns just under my skin. that moment. that feeling as we collapsed into each other's oblivion.

broken in all the right places.

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