Monday 12/09/2019 11:51:00 PM

we laughed as time choked on us. the skin removed. the sinew intact. the years chewed on the muscles. until bones were all we were.

our hollow stories echoing against the wind. warm coffins ready to receive the dead.

we're sick. there is no cure. we're broken. there is no crutch. the road hums under our feet. as we race toward our personal oblivion.

the colors sting. sharp pops of if and might've been. the low notes that resonate as we work the equations within our heads. all the variables frantic. as we press the creases out of the maps.

places that don't remember us. and people we're not certain we ever knew. a heavy downfall splits the ground. reinforcing gravity's pull.

we're alive only for moments. we spend our lives dying. pretending to know the difference.

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