Saturday 12/31/2016 01:01:00 AM

tomorrow is a liar she said. her raw breath lingering in her words. it's just anatomy and friction. the careless science of circumstance. bent butterflies. severed wings. all the eventual carnage of expectation. truth's stunted epidemiology.

love is rarely a literal she insisted. it's all clouds and lightning. a downpour one minute. a drizzle the next. i've wandered its desert. i've drowned in its floods.

we don't fall into it. we surrender and are taken hostage.

awash in the sour fluorescent of loneliness. ripe fruit. bitten. discarded. turning brown.

yesterday usually remembers too well. the habits of flesh. the concessions of predators. as they linger loudly over fresh bones.

sated on their grief. as outside the famine swells.

wearing their pain in broken zippers and crumbling stones.

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