Wednesday 12/28/2016 01:05:00 AM

the end finds us. regardless of how far we run. our voices all infected wounds and checkered prose.

as if we were ever so young as to be that vulnerable.

the world ends quietly. in gravelly embraces and festering cuts. choices chewing on the bandages. loosening scabs trying on our paler skeletons.

the steep staircase. the flickering bulb. as our natural blindness overwhelms.

i'm alive and i am dead. the musty paradoxes of arrogant  lovers and gaunt bridges. weak angles trying on the stiff math that chases the whole.

love is a panic of emptiness. an hysterical utopia. an apocalypse of want. sick with hope.

touch is a vacuum. a pernicious truth. full of knowing.

science pissing on the wonder. of lingering thieves.

falling. wearing gravity in earnest surrender.  incredulous bottoms embrace our destruction.

intimacy betrays. in a fumbling war of flesh. memory like medicine.  sampling our sickness. proffering its devastating cures.

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