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Distance Over Time
Sunday 1/01/2017 11:49:00 PM

how frail i was. in the depths of my want. how near the surface slipped. though still i was drowned.

she screamed at the deaf flame. suffocating in every word. patiently waiting for it to hear. all the things she'd never said.

i can't pretend to know the measures of intimacy. nor the weight of their promises.

how foolish i was. in the throes of my weakness. how callously gravity pulled. on those loose bridges.

what could i know that i hadn't. what new pain could i sample.

mouth open wide. lapping ravenously at the poison.

she wore the corners. every angle sharper than she had imagined. she took pictures. finding her place in the desolation.

she argued with gravity. a thief. without anything left to steal.


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