Sunday 3/22/2015 11:55:00 PM

numbers pretend their language. broken paths swallowing the knots. all wet footprints and tentative creases. obvious tomorrows spoiled by incredulous pasts. softly insistant. shouts in the wind.

her voice like chapters. her eyes like punctuation. strangers devoured by their narrative. 

flesh is a story we tell again and again.

we were lost, but that was nothing. more necessity than accident.

the hours gamble. our bodies the wager. no one wins.

i never wanted anything, until i couldn't have it.

words... blunt hammers on the gentle slope of her lips.

the corners always come first. deep paper cuts in life's tender lengths. the beginning and the end. that's what they remember. everything in between is just static.

a panorama of events struggling to reconcile a singular path. gaps in the pieces. cracks in the glass. the long division of touch. the cold parameters of when.

simple bridges. savoring the distance to collapse.

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