Tuesday 3/24/2015 11:20:00 PM

conditions. fading hows. the weak of gravity penetrating lesser gods.

she chews on the pulp. dwindling choices.  empty angles. she memorizes the exit. all yield signs and snaking ramps.

soft ratchets in loose connections. examining the pauses. the fundamental monsters that make victims of us all.

obvious ghosts favoring the brake. choices all panic and corn starch. as the oven warms.

the meat is pale. the flesh is dark. the anatomy of choice overwhelming.

the colors. more hysteria than life. the doorways. corrupt. the collapsing structure. all plastic demons. and paper gods. tumbling slopes unraveling. to the perpetuity of lost.

listening for that silent alarm. cause. effect. in their indignant parade. steps. steps always taking us. to all the wrong places.

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