Wednesday 3/18/2015 11:54:00 PM

scrutiny's antipathy. swollen bits of spite and gall. a crime of plenty. a wisdom of loss.

it's seldom. as seldom as seldom must behave. the wick of distraction. spoiling in apathy's flame. steal the edge and sell the circumference. too many circles content in their long division.

just like the hungry forest or the empty bed. the villains are always attractive. the laws reluctant. a checkerboard of moments. pawns everywhere. a strategy of hammers in a game of glass.

pieces find us. all latent colors and backward folds. lives like paper. choices like rain.

the flesh is strategy. the bones are wagers.

pain is a map. it takes us everywhere. time is currency. it purchases chances.

the mind is a mortgage against the meat.we are always in debt.

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