Sunday 8/24/2014 11:52:00 PM

the grey walls melted into the fading sun. spawning daring bridges in the shadows. her thoughts stumbling. vacant and engorged. swaying footholds in the fists of gravity.

the black roads swelled beneath her wheels. hills surging like waves. her most exquisite grief. effortlessly hijacked by the coarse bark of time and distance.

he didn't ask. she didn't offer. a hollow transaction between empty bodies.

not far at all it seemed to her. years in seconds. miles in inches. the steady creak of churning gears. the beautifully broken song of living.

repetition knows us. fragments of when. pieces of how. the pervasive condition of if. paper gods blotted out by earnest heavens. 

the hungry moments. devour us. jagged pieces that are hard to swallow .

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