Sunday 8/31/2014 11:56:00 PM

thieves enough she ventured. given the downward trajectory of the sun. earnest puzzle pieces undeterred by reason.

she wondered how. as the circumstance consumed her. she toyed with why as it happened. the clumsiness of life. each existence ruthlessly absorbed by a relentless invasion of moments. pages resolved to the standard poisons. with little resistance.

this awkward affair between intellect and skin. loose scabs flaunting all their glorious infections. 

urgent faces coming into focus. hungry actors drowning in the famine of their audience. reluctant gunshots negotiating stubborn wounds.

she sees how far. in broken crutches and brittle bridges. a long allegory of strangers in the shadow of the scorpion's sting. the familiar venom of lovers and friends.

years lived. a measure of distance more than time.

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