Thursday 8/21/2014 11:57:00 PM

stale villains adjust their weapons. distant targets move further away. the empty wars that pretend to know. a way to win.

the callous formula of skin. resolves to her caress. another balloon lost to gravity's fickle embrace. another dead man trying on his running shoes.

perhaps too long. since last i met with those familiar shadows. maybe too easy to pretend that the distance can be measured.

the harsh linear resolves. to awkward silence and impulsive bargains. both hungry and generous in the art of surrender. chased by colors that will never be ours.

lost is soft. lost is hard. all fairy tales and wolves. simple strangers. complicated friends. candy houses and roiling witches. in the sweet transition that eventually determines. how far it is.

touch corrupt with potential. voices bleak with long detours.  we blame the bridges and ignore the steps.

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