Tuesday 2/04/2014 12:03:00 AM

the scabs. the stuttering math of touch. keeps track. the storms that isolate. and the panic that brings us closer.

quiet like sober is. or loud like happiness. we swim out too far and drown in the difference between them. temptation is stronger than the heart.

we are tested by the weather. we are taught by the wind. to keep digging though the storm isn't over. frail soldiers spent in the geometry of war.

the scars. the impotent ambitions. of skin. a hollow appetite satisfying no one. her dirty dresses. her discarded faces. test the path. and discover. nowhere still exists.

soft like hope pretends. hard like it truly is.

a heavy hammer. a fragile nail in a brittle piece of wood.

the cold flaunts its shadows. the dark poetry of measure. as it weighs. as it tries to determine. how low is deep enough.

the bones. the dissonance. angry gods beating thier fists as paradise threatens.

butterfly wings. delicate chokes. solve for surrender.

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