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Distance Over Time
Thursday 1/30/2014 12:36:00 AM

barking silence. relative scabs. tender bridges stumble toward the edge. trembling fists grip the math. of broken soldiers in hollow's war.

the hour stumbles over the irony of when. the sober clenches on the serendipity of how.

swept away in a waterfall of skin. drowning is a blessing.

the flow exceeds us. we are footnotes. in stories alreayd written. curious jack o lanterns. dug out, yet still aglow with the flames of our crumbling bridges.

the last plane. as it strokes the horizon. the sole division. as we consent to the deficit. a fraction of lies. a mortgage of moments.

a lifetime of debt.

her steady commitment. small hills survive by mimicking mountains. her timid resistance. snowy sidewalks wear the cold in fading footprints. we make our paths. knowing time will erase every step.

we choose to remember

we are predator. and we are hunted.

lost in a contest of flesh.

Νικόλας Τσάρας said...

i like your poems ...keep on your fantastic work

alcholic poet said...

thanx so much.

Unknown said...

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