Friday 2/07/2014 12:05:00 AM

purple blankets fester. in the persistent cold. wet matches  rupture the vacuum.  small flames. pinch the darkness. distant noises. name their ghosts. unfinished portraits. more speculation than evidence.

life arrives in the bones. moist and dense. a slurry of confessions thick with blood and marrow. choice spoils fate. again and again. infects the skin and leaves it to revel in all its wonderful diseases.

close enough she confesses. touch is acid. easily boring holes in us.

her eyes. temperamental skeletons. trying to dance, though there isn't any music. just sound. as it listens to us struggle for gravity as we fall.

the end is patient. the war is fickle. brick by brick. the evolution solves for self, but rarely does.

the bars on this prison are so weak, yet its cage still persists.

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