Monday 5/27/2013 01:12:00 AM

long goodbyes in short skirts. ambivalent equations. the slow arithmetic of skin. pretends to learn. bashful strangers. broken stars study her curves. anticipating the end of the world.

simple dolls. vomit stuffing. corduroy vaginas leverage their zippers.

the atom struggles. a weak umbrella against a hurricane. the desert drinks. from foul glasses. the urgent truth of circumstance. tilting bridges. more science than flesh.

the rabid colors turn to convince. seldom poisons. to commit to barren kingdoms.

quiet parades surrender to. an easy division. the theater of gods submits to the dialogue of men. shallow cuts. profound with infection. lead her, but offer no destination.

pieces of the storm. finding land in orphans. moments of the sickness. selling their desert. the thrust of god pulls on her zipper. a beautiful fairy tale. pantomine of absense. outlines to fill in.

lazy time machines idling. at the beginning of the end.

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