Friday 5/24/2013 12:33:00 AM

telling the red. in coughs and scratches. her dirty glasses. her hungry eyes. eager puppets with so many broken zippers. it's cold still. even in this fire. pieces. the jaws of the puzzle find the center. neglected the edges have their own wars.

ugly ducklings paint their mirrors. in thick asides. the story chases, but falls behind. the machine rumbles and churns. confident with rage. Time boasts and brags. Shy predators circle.

So many folds. An oragami of moments. Revise the shape. Betray the math. Of two dimensional lovers.

The deaf colors try to listen. The mute chaos strains to speak. As everything converges. in a mistrial of flesh.

simple boxes. their dusty lids. a poetry of proximity and confession. a labor of gentle madesss. the ugly duckling alive in a beautfiful finish.

Her grey ocean still licks the edges. Her sinking boat still leverages the wind. drifting. the storm is easy. It's the afterwards that stings.

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