Tuesday 5/28/2013 01:32:00 AM

yellow dolls. with frozen eyes. chase the sun. a long eclipse. forgets to end. time stops. though the chase continues.

practical hysterias. gentle crocodiles. all the madness fit for words or flesh. the arrogant ocean. the humble tide. the discrepancies. what i am. what is spent. proving otherwise. a mirror on the moon. reflecting. the light travels all the way back. not to be defeated by the distance.

the incredulous howl. choices. her impotent wolves. panting in the darkness.

the record skips. thoughtless music narrates the dance. between innocent villains and guilty heroes. the ashes. cold hunger lingers. the spark resolves. to absent songs. 

the stairs crumble. the walls fade. only thin glass is left between. the life we had and the one that's had us. skewed blades. bored with the blood. draw their pictures in shallow cuts.

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