Sunday 4/21/2013 12:04:00 AM

loose skins coax the breeze. the storms are on their way. be patient. you'll die again. in your heavy pajamas with the seams all crooked. in your sunken bed with the sheets all wrinkled. in your hollow dreams with the muted villains. and the wounds that never bleed.

her quiet story is louder than it seems. her January has its reasons. days bargain softly with the edge of the world. life boasts its turpentine. seldom autumns solve for suicide.

smothering the cold in fits of skin. an hysteria of choices. living the needles. awkward seams chase the origins. nameless ghosts and shrinking heavens. pound the walls.

 confounded foxes. tease the hounds.

her quiet triumph wins her no prizes. the hunt goes on.

her thighs like blackjack. her nervous lips. chapped with fragments of when.

 stubborn time machines laughing out loud.

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