Thursday 4/18/2013 12:41:00 AM

empty dreams spoil her sleep. she lingers in the ether between worlds. shedding the heavy char of life.

a weak fire in the shuffles the future and misdeals.

the pattern is soft. tempted kittens struggle to control their claws. chasing the weather. in tremors and apologies. simple courtesies too sharp for skin. bitter authors on their last chapters. shy devils bargain with the flames. for small fragments of heaven.

a deep chasm listens to the music and then it is lost.

walking on the grass. moist with the new day's tears. the edge of the world in pencil. let's her erase. but not forget. earnest aliens. their broke with perspective. how close far away is.

the dillgent lover. the stumbling shadow. the relentless hunger game of the human condition.

how we measure distance in drops of blood.

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