Tuesday 4/23/2013 12:56:00 AM

layers. fits of skin. interrogating. hours. minutes. years. the heavy basket. full of nothing. that led us into these woods. and trembling wolves. in chokes of grandma. With further fists. furious with science of memory. and how easy it is to forget. the future is always a whisper. tomorrow is always deaf.

we just watch. pretending to understand. as the words fall out. in forgein languges.

the simple lies that truth insists. as life presses deeper with its blind infection. the sickness is the apogee. the wound is the orbit. rumors of god. tame the monkeys.

the colors roar. the engine sobs. time negotiates in piss and blood. meat and bone betrays. only the words survive

wet scars draw their pictures in open wounds. determined to change us .

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