Thursday 4/25/2013 01:19:00 AM

years later she confessed he had dominated her. I nodded and pretended to be shocked. she was soft in hte middle and hard at the edges. like a whore's bed. she was alone. her voice small and defiant.

she lay there. like a puzzle too easy to solve.

and i lost interest.

her storeis hollow. her questions hard. like an idling time machine. hungry for the science that creates us. these trembling moments. more risk than reward. thundre without rain.

the seldom. the rain on the glass. like bloody tongues. and broken teeth. no meat. just cuts in the flesh. spoiling in fits of when. abundance never knew. how far we've come.

dilligent monsters. chase the gaps. time travels her. in its shaking machines. arrogant demons draw their maps. no treasure. just the holes we've dug .

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