Friday 4/05/2013 12:51:00 AM

bent blades search for true. the anatomy of decision drowns us in more tendons than bones. the suffering sky. bleeds. singing blood from every hole. stalling monsters with useless sticks and stones.

the antipathy. counting backward. the puzzle of humanity. time and all its mischievous cousins. bet our passions against our weakness. and seldom lose.

blind epiphanies wear the wind. She sees in numbers. She breathes in atoms. Everything broken. or waiting to be fixed. a shit of gods. A piss of lovers. to prove the words have betrayed.

the softer darkness lets her in. an hysteria of conditions. the least of which is if. careless gods blame the mountain for their falls.

it's only time. scarce moments have their names for us.

the waiting consumes. whores, thieves and scientists.

the end surfaces in a wormhole. sharp against parting flesh. all futures promised to other destinies.

Cohesion lingers as a single tiny knot in infinite lengths of chaos. We are painfully small. It's not science at all. It's inappropriate flesh. Smothering violence. Sallow hunger. Brilliant madness. And the devastating worlds they construct within.

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