Sunday 4/07/2013 01:16:00 AM

caution the stones. louder still. solves the darkness. in fits of silence. the edge approaches. charmingly close. the moment scratches. the future stabs. gravity swallows each in turn.

her words yellower still. fermenting. a quantum chaos. we are undone by both our future and our past. it's always changing. now is all we have.

screams and malice in piss and rainbows. open bridges teasing the ocean.

the simple lies that always become truth. like monkeys reciting bible quotes. to antagonize Darwin's ghost.

easy puzzles on the cusp of her skin. bare their solutions in quivering tones. alive decides her as each momemt confronts. a jigsaw of logic with edges made of flesh.

her hurried math mistakes invitation for commitment. her ugly experminent mangles the maze. lost again. among familiar walls. same journey. different path.

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