Friday 1/18/2013 12:34:00 AM

giraffes in high heels flaunt their wares. telling stories about the tall fruit. and doing blow jobs with their teeth. mundane. the atoms laugh. compelled to stay together, though separation is what they crave.

the darkness ripples through her. lazy surges of electricity. dull like drugs. sharp like cravings.

she blinks and it's done. she's lived and died in an instant. she blinks. and it has happened again. blind despots with their fingers on the button to end the world. monkeys too busy editing the pages to notice what the insects have written.

the colors tell her. in bleak epiphanies of impatient flesh. eggs to be broken. shells to be emptied. a marathon of frequencies soliciting the dead.

awoken by her garden. the tremble of chemistry. as it mixes strangers and friends.

elephants in evening gowns seduce the science. no words. just torn threads chasing gravity. atoms imagining there is a bottom to hit.

the confession. candy houses to chew on. children with witches to burn. veins oblidging the poison. a warm sleep thick with monsters. the story. soft like gelatin and red meat. the lazy physics of touch. inevitably forgets. how close we were.

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