Wednesday 1/16/2013 01:50:00 AM

daring porcupine wipes his tears with pointed hands. amber tiger fangs chew the knots in pelvis of night. blank caramel between her thighs. giggles and whispers. apes and soldiers. cross and loud with the radio cast. clay guns telling stories in empty fields.

a tempest of strangers. pieces of skin. like rifles and ammunition. the numbers humble. the needle urgent. as the seams make their decisions.

goats in red capes. chewing on the curtain. the story that wants to happen. the words that struggle to be told. she wakes the rabbit. to ask it about the proximity of the finish line.

simple marathons. that run us. while we wait for something to move. measuring the miles in sweat and thirst. and the hysterics of running. collars on the necks of gods. stiff with choices. or the illusions that pass for them.

temporary cuts in permanent wrists. no blood. just a deficit of courage in the seldom of depression. quiet lies build their frictions. smooth stone. jagged sticks. gamble the time machine. impotent wolves discard the fiction.

when we were small. it all looked so big.

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