Monday 1/21/2013 12:28:00 AM

twelve atoms on their edge. tilt the molecule in another direction. solvency walks slowly in tight pants. one more or one less and everything changes. scuffed heels and skinned knees. the formula for living. one hour succumbs to one minute. and we are gone again.

chemicals defer to the catalyst. bloody noses and honeyed crotches. everything occurs in the reaction. means meeting ends. limbless soldiers with their guns between their lips.

pressed pages scream. mucous and semen. hungry ogres moan. phlegm and defeat. good liars having exhausted all their truths.

faces. onion skin and pencil stabs. chasing echoes. moments. needles without thread. sewing massive holes.

plastic nooses wear throats like jewels. slow motion bullets scrape. peel. push. until grey is all there is. numbers sweet with arithmetic. travellers in the bones. soured by science. destinations interrupted.

just twelve atoms teasing gravity. one molecule displaced. tightens the rope.

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