Monday 1/14/2013 12:30:00 AM

expenditures of skin. weak against the the mercy of time's solvents. the gravel in her throat. tempts him to listen. as the words crawl toward the surface. the lead in her hips. begs him to go slower. as she flirts with the finish. curious marathons of sex and disdain. fill in the spaces. between gravity and acceleration.

the muscle fidgets with the strain. tears and stretches like elastic screams. a humble of wolves search for their fangs. a whisper of right in a shout of everything else. going toward. running away. similar, but different. 

wearing the numbers. soft clouds sell us their rain. in tempting bargains of death. the chemistry of strangers. needles taming the wrists. in cuts and stones. monsters solving for closets. storms all thunder and wind.

a desert of darkness. expanding beneath the surface.

one ogre growls with the veins in his fist. another sobs with the knife. still working out the arithmetic.

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