Saturday 1/12/2013 12:59:00 AM

thousandths. decimals like lips. whispering the words. almost a reason. or a chance to take. almost. eventually. time dilates and we can see ourselves in the darkness. pictures taken. pixels used. on empty portraits.

That girl with her dress on backwards. With her panties in her fist. I used to be her.

That timid hitchkiker with all her rage in her back pocket. going places just to get there. Time like music in her head. A concert of choices. Heavy with consequence. Three bears, maybe less. One tale told countless times.

The punctuation in her skin. She is a malestrom of commas and apostrophes. The nouns. the verbs. The adjectives. flaunt their stories. Dead men with their eyes wide open.

A barter of weaknesses. like gravity. how it softly it keeps. both feathers and the stones. pale like the gun. nervous like the trigger. all those variables inbetween like broken time machines. shuffling their bullets.

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