Thursday 1/10/2013 12:45:00 AM

try. waste. green. hard. empty. face. saliva cunts on wet billboards. dance with the rain. poker shit cocks in soiled neckties. sell our lives to us. in milligrams and dosages. the rabbit limps on three feet. the fourth rots in our pocket.

the room goes dark. little fires gnaw at the seams in the world.

cold. scream. hot. crawl. soft. hollow. arms. piss faces in spoiled carcasses. sweat the hours. shit the days. in fervent condoms. and stagnant murders. selling us the world in blades and bullets. so many cages big enough to make us believe we are not in prison.

the arbiter wheezes. the halo chokes. Time is the orbit. Life is the apogee. Lenses wink. Shutter bluff. The stage comes to the actors. Dialogue like nooses. Means to save us. Or change. Or laugh. At how much we stay the same.

the bricks. the mold. seams between worlds as they separate. piecemeal monsters negotiate time. feigning power. in a whisper of desperation. putting the worm on the hook. shouting. convinced that someone will hear. what's never been said.

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