Tuesday 1/01/2013 12:23:00 AM

tremors and syringes. draw their portraits. the art of dying is delicate and angular. a quiet cloud surrounded by raging storms. tomorrow fusses over the details.

impotent confessions. of liars. pocket knives in the pupils of gods.

there is no addiction. no mercy mild enough. to quell this madness.

the end. throats raw with jagged words. eyes broken.

the beginning. fingers sore on the trigger.

little cuts. burrowing deeper. hollowing out the shell.

stutters of skin. ample rages. white hooks in red meat. parasites finding the bone. it's done. paper plates absorb the blood. another year. another opportunity for loss.

beautiful girls with their arms in knots. powerless. their thighs trembling. the color of her shame. a small infection. rapidly spreading.

her eyes like playing cards. a gamble of moments.

dripping iciciles. tethered dogs. the end is weak. strangling under the haunt of freedom.

the beginning is merciless.

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