Saturday 12/29/2012 12:43:00 AM

one pupil small. the other one large. dark and light each the same. the howl. slipknot strangulation. the sputter. partial hangings. toxic gas. the realization. powerless. surviving god by nickels and broomsticks.

calculating the distance between strangers and sex. in ratios of carbon to oxygen atoms. the obtuse  science of faces wasting so much beautiful skin. one eye opened. the other closed. near and far each the same.

a forest. a psychosis of choices. always autumn. always losing pieces.

a road. a funeral of faces. an autopsy of trust. always winter. always bleak. everything barren.

nothing moves. or feels. no one sees. or looks. a panic of open bridges. so much hungry water below. so much empty sky above.

two eyes. one vision. one blindness.

worn. frayed extension cords. partial hangings. used. vacant rooms. idling engines. neckties and twine like streamers. a cocktail of blood and vomit wakes her up.

one pupil dilated. the other refusing change. the world viciously invading. a barking dog in the distance. rapidly approaching. 

her skin dripping off. her voice melting. everything is liquid. nothing to grab. 

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