Thursday 1/03/2013 01:05:00 AM

pirates and players. the friends we seldom call. choices. nooses. peter rabbits. gathering their broken eggs and fetid chocolates.

right the dream. steer the corpses. the roads trip over each other. the intersections pool with poets and madmen. hungry as always. content with empty. obliged to the chase. as futile as it is.

ink peddles its pictures. in fervent assaults. the universe is an infant. head crowning. slowly being expelled from the vagina of decisions.

no words. only waiting. worn crayons sinking into the grey. drowning. the expectation of rescue.

simple soldiers count their bullets. as the battle field narrows. one war to assemble the pieces. another one to dismantle the dead.

yellow like seldom. big wolves in grandmother's nightgown. picnic under the covers. red like empty baskets and the bricks that come tumbling down.

the simple chemistry of coalescence. that compels us. to bond.

ours to take apart.

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