Thursday 12/20/2012 01:01:00 AM

evolution. piglets and pencils. bluntly stabbing broken balloons. choices. pudding skin and parables. loose paper clips on torn pages. the end in nasty verbs. the beginning in ugly adjectives. worn by the words.

skin like templates. hollow cavities receive the madness. jagged pieces stab into place.

beautiful pictures. time dilates. atoms excited. gaunt pupils rough with contingencies. discarded crayons thin against the paper. the easy lies. temptation floats. the hard truths. sputter and sink. deep oceans. sparse buoys.

weeping ghosts gnaw on the stale bones of life. the wind sings - grief and anguish. powerless. tethered to a rotting world. dogs and toothpicks. folding paper. creasing the pages in finished lives.

paths enumerate. patterns transcend. the machine coughs. catches its breath. and then deposits us at the beginning of the end.

the fiction is just this. that there are any lights at all. that sight exists. by any standard of the imagination or folly of memory that might persist.

the universe doesn't wear clothes. it's always been naked. it was my mistake. thinking it had any shame.

angles resolve. to the threshold of desperation. the maps and the measures betray. the geometry of touch is obtuse. the math deadens. everything is so far away.

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