Sunday 12/23/2012 11:59:00 PM

shame. moist with good intent. the lamb to the grass. the blade to the neck. the world thunders and stomps arrogant with the assumption that life matters.

the end is never close enough. the edge is always jagged. every moment a stutter. every word a treason.

the glass is frozen. the world forgotten. a hyperbole of touch. pencils its victims into crowded books. dissonant fevers of sight and touch. wear the child. discard the woman.

she pets the wolf. anxious to befriend the villain. that's what the world wants.

she chokes the lamb. determined to dispatch with the victim. that's what the world demands.

writing them in missing words and absent texts. teasing temporary religions. like money and sex.

loneliness thick with predators. darkness swollen with memories. wet matches bathe in the flames. muted lips press against the glass.

breadcrumbs manipulating soldiers. the war only just begun. and she's already been defeated.

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